What You Should Know About Soil Remediation

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June 6, 2022

Many people are concerned about the pollution resulting from environmental waste but did you know that there are ways to treat and clean those toxins? Soil remediation is the process of either removing the harmful elements in the soil or treating them so that they're rendered harmless. Here are some things you should know about soil remediation.

How Soil Gets Polluted

In the ordinary course of their operations, industrial plants create a considerable amount of industrial waste. During commercial farming, chemicals are used to treat plants. Underground storage tanks occasionally rupture leaking petroleum and other chemicals into the soil. If fuel gets dumped or even in the course of mining, harmful chemicals enter the soil. If the waste from all of these industries isn't properly disposed of, soil pollution results. Not only is it hazardous to the environment, but it can also make people ill if they come into direct contact with such chemicals.

How Professionals Can Help

Remediation specialists in the West Chester, PA, area who are also experts in full service demolition can repair the soil so that it's usable again. They can treat the soil to remove and convert the pollutants into products that are less harmful. They can also remove harmful chemicals and heavy metals from the soil along with volatile materials such as petroleum products.

How Soil Remediation Works

There are several ways to treat contaminated soil, including:

Injecting air into the soil to force out dangerous vapors, known as air sparging

Using biological mediums including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria

Encapsulating the contaminated material so pollutants can't spread

Heating the contaminated soil until impurities evaporate

Specialists may use some or all of these techniques to restore soil to its usable form. If there is contaminated soil on your work site or if you're concerned about pollution, you can rest easy knowing the soil can be healed through the work of professionals.

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