Things to Consider When Planning a Demolition Project

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October 24, 2022

Before you got started, you probably thought that the demolition of a building was as simple as knocking or chopping it down. However, demolition is not an easy process by any stretch of imagination. You are required to take into consideration several things before getting the wrecking ball and crane. You and your team have to consider: 

  1. Assessing the building by performing a survey
  2. How to get the right team and equipment
  3. Following correct safety measures
  4. The Demolition and Disposal of debris

If you consider these things and plan accordingly and correctly, your demolition project is guaranteed to be successful. 

Assess the Building & Perform a Survey

Before you begin anything else, you should assess the building you are being hired to knock down. You can’t just show up and begin demolition. It is required that you perform a survey of the building to figure out any questions you have and potentially find the answers you need. A survey of a building will find answers to questions such as: 

  1. What the building is made from (material)
  2. Safety hazards like asbestos, flammable material, etc. 
  3. Pipe and drain systems
  4. Nearby buildings and neighborhood guidelines

Your team needs to know the answers to these questions to successfully and safely complete the demolition project. The building survey answers those questions for you as well as any other concerns your demolition team might have along the way. Performing the survey helps you make decisions about how to get the right team and equipment. 

The Right Team and Equipment

Now that you know the materials of the building, any safety hazards and the layout of the land, you need to start looking for the right team and the required equipment. Depending on the size of the building and the materials used, you might need certain types of equipment. Certain equipment also requires people who are certified and trained to handle them. You want to figure out what equipment can knock down and completely demolish the building. Once you figure out that list, you can start hiring or selecting the right people with the correct training to do the job. Taking the time to hire the right people to use the right equipment for the job helps you complete the job without any hiccups or stressors last minute. 

Following Safety Measures

The first step in following the correct safety measures is to get the necessary demolition permits to take on the project. Permits are required based on the size of the building. Your team needs the correct permits to start the job! Jobs often get delayed because of these permits, so start considering the permits as soon as you’re hired for demolition. These permits are part of the appropriate safety measures. Other important safety measures include: 

  1. Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for you and your team
  2. Blocking or sectioning off the demolition area and an appropriate radius around the project
  3. Bracing ceilings and walkways to provide extra support
  4. Performing a pre-demolition sweep to ensure everything and everyone is out of the building

Appropriate safety measures could vary depending on each building, so be prepared and consider the necessary precautions early! 

The Demolition and Disposal of Debris

Once you have the appropriate team, equipment and permits, you are ready to begin the demolition project. Before you start, you will want to consider how the process goes and the disposal of all the materials. Considering the demolition before it happens is preparing your team for the process and having a backup plan in case anything goes wrong. Be prepared if equipment fails or you need to take a break, or if by some unfortunate circumstance, someone gets hurt. Having an emergency back up plan for the demolition not only shows preparedness, but also shows your team you care. 

Before knocking down the building, you should also consider your plan for materials disposal. You should know how you are separating and organizing the materials, what you plan to take to the landfill and what you plan to recycle. Considering the disposal process before demolition saves you time and money during the project. 

Demolition projects seem intimidating, but if you come prepared, you can successfully demolish the building in no time. Consider things like your team, equipment, safety measures and the process itself before starting. This ensures a safe and thorough demolition. If you have any questions or need help with a demolition project, our team at Alliance Environmental is ready to help. Give us a call today!

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