These 4 Tools Are Often Used in a Demolition

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May 11, 2022

If you've ever watched a commercial demolition, you may have been curious about all that was involved. It turns out that it's a complicated procedure involving specialized tools, many of which are fitted with attachments to do unique jobs.

Demolition specialists in the Pennsylvania area use some of the following tools when they complete projects such as a full service demolition.

1. Excavators Tear Down Foundations

Those big machines that have long arms that bear buckets are known as excavators because they dig out soil for large holes or foundations as well as trenches. Take off that bucket and add on an attachment, and that same excavator can tear down buildings and pull trees up by their roots in commercial demolition. These machines are powerful, and large excavators can demolish tall buildings.

2. Skid Steers Can Be Used in Tight Spots in a Turnkey Demolition

Skid steers are also used for digging, but their smaller size and enhanced mobility make them great for demolishing buildings in tight spaces. Again, a wide range of attachments can be used with skid steers.

3. Hydraulic Hammers Are Used for Breaking Up Concrete

Concrete often needs to be broken up in demolition and hydraulic hammers are best for these jobs. Using pressurized hydraulic oil, these hammers slam into concrete and other hard materials and break them into small pieces so they can be hauled away.

4. Hand-Held Tools for Interior Jobs

These larger machines can't get into buildings in commercial demolition, but fortunately, workers with hand-held tools can. Hand-held tools can include hammers and saws as well as portable drills. Utilizing these tools keeps the damage to a minimum.

By utilizing such tools, demolition experts can safely and effectively tear down buildings and clear away the debris so that new projects can be built.

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