Signs of Foundation Instability in Your Commercial Property

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February 27, 2023

Your foundation is what holds your commercial property together. It's the most important part of your building! If it isn't in good shape, then you could have serious problems on your hands. If your foundation is in irreparable shape and goes against building code, the building may need to be demolished and the foundation redone. Should that be the case, Alliance Environmental Systems helps with the demolition. Before we get to that, here are some signs to look for if you think your commercial structure may have a foundation issue:

Cracks in the foundation

If you suspect your foundation is unstable, the first thing you should do is take a look at it. Whether that means checking out the basement, or taking a look at the outside perimeter of your foundation, take note of its condition. Is it cracked? Cracks in the foundation are caused by soil movement, frost heave, or other factors. Some small cracking and settling is to be expected in older buildings, but substantial cracks should be taken seriously! They may indicate there are other problems you should address if you want your business to be safe and secure.

Uneven or sloping interior floors

If you notice the floor of your building is at a slope, or your floors feel uneven in different areas, this could be a sign of foundation instability. Keep in mind that there are many reasons for these issues! Although, if you notice consistent movement in one area, or if the foundation issues are new, it's worth looking into what might be causing it.

Doors that won’t open and close properly

Do you struggle to open the doors of your commercial property? Are they often sticking, or do they appear to be uneven? It seems like a problem with a single door, but it is often an early warning sign of foundational issues. This problem is often unavoidable, and should be looked for in residential properties as well.

Pulling away from a garage or other structure

If the walls and/or foundation are pulling away from a garage or other structure, it may be time to demolish the property and pour a new foundation. This happens when soil subsidence occurs underground. When this happens, it puts pressure on the building's walls and causes them to crack. If you notice cracks in your property's walls, get in touch with a professional before they become too severe!

Severe plumbing issues

Foundational plumbing issues are not something anyone wants to deal with! A clogged drain or hot water issue are pretty routine, but if you are experiencing repeat and severe plumbing issues, it could be a warning sign that your foundation is crumbling beneath your feet. A failing foundation falls onto the plumbing beneath your commercial property and shifts it out of line, causing some big issues, a huge water bill being the least of them. An insatiable foundation causes burst pipes, subterranean leaking (which also leads to hard to reach mold,) and low water pressure. 

If you have foundation instability, call a demolition expert!

If you're concerned about the foundation of your commercial property and want to know if it's safe, call a foundation expert. They inspect your building and determine whether or not there is any foundation instability. This will allow them to make recommendations on how best to proceed with repairs. If you conclude that you need to demolish the property and pour a new foundation, call us at Alliance Environmental Systems to handle the demo!

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