Is Selective Demolition Right for Your Renovation Project?

Created on:

June 6, 2022

Sometimes a business or commercial building in West Chester, PA, is almost suited to your needs, but there are still significant renovations that you need to make. You don't want to start from scratch, so what do you do? The answer may be to try selective demolition.

When Are the Benefits of This Type of Demolition?

Some advantages are:

- Reducing costs Cutting back on waste

- Repurposing some materials

- Lessening the environmental impact

You can also save time because you don't need to rebuild your structure completely.

How Does This Kind of Commercial Demolition Work?

Selective demolition involves a few steps. First, a professional demolition company comes to your site. Experts investigate the property, looking for unusual circumstances or requirements. They examine the types of materials in the building, existing structures, connected utility services, etc. After a detailed survey, they create a plan. Before work begins, professionals cut and cap plumbing and electrical lines. The unaffected portion of your structure can continue operating normally once this safety measure is complete.

During and after the turnkey demolition process, the company works with you to determine what materials will be saved for future use and arrange for storage. The company may send other materials to recycling facilities. Throughout the process, the demolition company maintains a clear egress path.

What Are Some Examples of This Kind of Demolition?

This type of work may be helpful if you are doing the following remodeling projects:

- Completely removing and replacing the mechanical, fire, electrical and plumbing systems

- Removing some of the exterior and interior components in your structure Gutting or stripping out the interior

- Renovating the exterior or storefront of a building

- Taking out walls, ceilings or floors

If you are considering selective demolition for your West Chester, PA, property, talk to a professional demolition company to determine if it suits your needs. You may be able to save resources, time and money.

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