How to Budget and Estimate a Commercial Demolition

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July 21, 2022

Do you need to demolish a structure as part of your building or remodeling project? Before starting a commercial demolition, sit down and figure out the costs that are involved so that you don't run out of funds mid-project.

Demolition and environmental service experts in West Chester, PA, can assist you in coming up with an accurate budget for your commercial demolition. Here are some factors that will determine the cost.

1. Determine the Square Footage of Your Property

Your commercial demolition costs are typically determined by the size of your property, so figure out how many square feet are involved. Measure the length and width of the area and then multiply those two numbers to get the square footage. If your area isn't square or rectangle in shape, break the area down into measurable chunks to get an estimate.

2. Check the Construction Date of Your Building

If your building was constructed during the 1980s or earlier, asbestos was likely used in many parts of the building, including the following: Furnace insulation Floor tiles Millboard Cement sheet Popcorn ceilings You'll need a professional in asbestos abatement to inspect the structure being demolished and, if needed, safely remove this harmful silicone.

3. Make Sure You're Legal

You need to contact utility companies in the area of your proposed turnkey demolition. You'll also need to apply for the needed permits. A demolition expert can assist you with this.

4. Estimate the Cost of Hauling Away the Debris

Find out whether the demolition experts will be hauling away the debris. If they don't provide that service, you'll need to estimate the costs of hauling it yourself. You'll also need to find a way to dispose of the debris.

The costs of demolishing an old building are as important a part of your project as constructing the new one. With the help of experts, that planning will make your job easier.

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