Environmental impact of commercial demo

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April 28, 2023

Large and small scale commercial demolitions result in a great deal of waste that affects the environment in many ways. Demolition, by its very nature, results in a lot of waste. When buildings are demolished, the building materials must be removed from the site. Some toxic materials should also be dealt with extra carefully. Without proper management, the waste pollutes the land and air. It’s important during any demolition project to follow the right protocols and take waste to the proper areas, such as recycling centers. 

At Alliance Environmental, that’s exactly what we do. Commercial buildings are taken down in many ways: by use of explosives, engineering, or hand methods. No matter which way you decide to demolish a commercial building, we always prioritize safety and work to minimize the environmental impact of the demo as much as possible. 

Environmental risks of commercial demo

When demoing a commercial property, the demo crew sometimes comes across dangerous materials such as lead paints, asbestos and other potential toxins. These materials need to be dealt with in a special way to avoid crushing them into an airborne dust. This is a hazard to the immediate area and environment at large.

Different types of waste materials require different methods of disposal or recycling. For example, wood waste is recycled into mulch or used for energy production, while hazardous materials like asbestos require special handling and disposal procedures. The dust and debris created during the demo should be cleared fast to protect workers and avoid disrupting the environment or civilians in the area.

Because of these potential hazards and scale of the job, commercial demo is not a do-it-yourself job. It’s best to bring in the professionals at Alliance Environmental Services to handle the job for you. We are well practiced in waste and contaminant removal. The safety of the environment and our workers are always at the forefront of our mind. Any demolition job should be done in an expert and precise manner to finish that job quickly. Alliance Environmental Services has professional demolition experts who provide you with full service demolition done in a timely manner with respect for the environment.

How Alliance Environmental Systems helps minimize the environmental impact 

One way that Alliance Environmental Systems helps minimize the environmental impact of commercial demos is to recycle materials whenever possible! This is especially used in selective demos when the crew removes materials by hand.

When disposing or recycling the debris, some materials, such as wood and metal, are recyclable. Still, others may need to be disposed of in a landfill. The disposal or recycling method and the exact location used depends on the regulations and laws of the local municipality.

The debris may be transported to a landfill if it is deemed non-recyclable by regulations and is not able to be repurposed. However, if the debris is recyclable, it may be taken to a recycling center or transfer station. This is where it’s sorted, processed, and recycled for continued use. Debris removal from a construction site requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the process is done efficiently and safely, while minimizing the impact on the environment. 

Call Alliance Environmental Systems for your commercial demo

If you need assistance before, during and after demolition, contact our team at Alliance Environmental Systems. We have the team to help you take care of the commercial demo with great care for your building, the surrounding area and the environment at large. 

Contact us today at contact@aesfirst.com or by phone at (610) 701-9000 to get started on your demo project!

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