3 Types of Commercial Demolition

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February 1, 2023

There are many ways to tear down a building, from a simple wrecking ball to complex engineering and even explosives. In this article, we cover the three most common types of commercial demolition: by explosion, machine, and by hand.

Demolition by Explosion

Explosives are used to break the building into small pieces. This is a fast and effective way to demolish a building, though it's not appropriate for every situation. Explosives are used on concrete, brick, and steel structures of any size.

Explosive demolition is often chosen when there are hazardous materials inside the structure (such as asbestos or mold). To demolish a building with explosives, crews place explosive charges throughout the building, typically on the structural components, and detonate them simultaneously. The blast breaks apart the structure into small pieces that are easily removed by hand or machine.

The benefit of explosive demolition is that it allows crews to carefully control the process. Explosives allow demolition teams to remove the building in a controlled manner, which reduces risk and limits damage to nearby structures. Another benefit of this method is that it is the quickest method for demolition. The downside of this method is that it is very expensive and time-consuming.

This method is best used on large structures in which the entirety of the building needs to be demolished. If you need only a portion of a building or a smaller structure demolished, demolishing by machine or hand may be a better option.

Machine Demolition

Demolition by machine is the most common form of commercial demolition, and it is done in a controlled environment.

This method involves using heavy machinery to tear down buildings or other structures. These machines include excavators, bulldozers, and cranes. Machines are used to cut the building into pieces, which are removed by hand or machine. There are many types of machines available for commercial demolition, including shears, excavators, and cranes. This type of demolition is often used when the structure being torn down is too large to be handled manually.

Many factors go into choosing which type of commercial demolition to use on your project. For example, if you want to demolish an old building quickly and cheaply without having to assemble workers or pay for special equipment, this may be your best option. This also allows them to do their jobs safely and efficiently while costing less money than other options. 

Demolition by Hand

Demolition by hand is the safest way to demolish a structure. It's also the slowest, cheapest, and best way to get rid of your building. Many building owners prefer this option because they have sentimental attachments to their old structures and don't want them torn down by heavy machinery or explosions. Also, it's cheaper than other methods because you won't need to rent or invest in heavy machinery or explosives. Hand demolition is also a good way to make sure the asbestos mitigation and abatement process (if needed) is handled properly.

Hand demolition is accomplished with basic tools such as sledgehammers, picks, shovels, and pickaxes. This method works well when there isn't much left in terms of structural integrity after natural wear-and-tear; however, it’s still very dangerous if there are any live utilities running through your building. Make sure you know exactly where those are before starting demolition yourself!

Commercial buildings are taken down in many ways: by use of explosives, engineering, or hand methods. No matter which way you decide to demolish a commercial building, always prioritize safety. At Alliance Environmental, that’s exactly what we do. If you need commercial building demolition, give our team a call today! We have used all three type of demolition efficiently and safely. 

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